Learning Patience

It was a frustrating experience, but I like that, because it helps me learn to be more patient. I wish I could claim that I said that, but in fact, it was my friend Dan who said those admirable words. He had been to the BMV to get his Ohio drivers license, and he thought he had all of his documentation in hand, but there was one piece he hadnt brought wit him. That required him to go to the Social Security office, and when he got there, he discovered that they close on Wednesdays at noon. Who knew?

This kind of dead-end failure to achieve a task, that ordinarily would take just a few minutes, would send me into orbit. I guess its because I have had to go through so much of this kind of never-ending run-arounds lately. Still, I admire his attitude. To see a frustrating experience as a positive teaching moment is what I need to strive for.

I spoke at length yesterday on the phone with the Cincinnati Inquirer. It was the fifth time I had called in 2 weeks, trying to set up a subscription for my mother, who no longer lives in Cincinnati, but would like to have the paper mailed to her. People all over the world get out-of-town newspapers mailed to them, but not so, it seems, for my mother. They keep telling me that their computers will not accept her address, nor will they accept mine, and that they will send a message to the routing department, and somebody will call me back. Of course, nobody has called me back, after 5 requests with the same non results. Am I frustrated and irritated? Yes. Can I turn this into a teachable moment for learning patience? Ill try.


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