Email/Face Book

I guess Ive put it off long enough. Long enough for what? To finally learn how to use Face Book? No, Ive waited long enough for it to finally go away and now maybe Ill stop feeling like the world is passing me by in the technology department. I know blind people who successfully use Face Book, and I admire their determination, because it isnt easy. However, yesterday, I read in the paper that Face Book is fading in popularity. People are reporting that they waste far too much time, plowing through unwanted pictures and announcements of things they are not interested in. Well good. My procrastination has paid off. This article also talked about how email is not as exciting as it once was for most people. Heres where I take issue.

I love email! Ive never felt so connected to my friends all over the world. Im not a phone chatter, like I used to be as a teenager, so Im reluctant to call somebody just to talk, but I look forward to opening an email from a friend and reading about what is happening in her life, what she thinks about things, or how she feels about them. In fact, my friend Lynda and I have started an email journaling routine, where we write to each other daily, like Dear Diary, and we store our entries for future reflections or to remind ourselves what we said in previous entries. Sometimes, our messages are brief, like Im too tired to write tonight, and sometimes they are pages long. Neither of us has time during the day to hang on the phone at inconvenient times, but when we find time in our busy retirement schedules, we enjoy hearing the others news.

I know from experience that email messages can be misinterpreted, and sometimes theres just no substitute for good old voice to voice communication, but gone are the days when I had to have someone else read my letters to me from friends who were far away. I still maintain a taping correspondence with a friend I made at the Seeing Eye back in 1982, but only because he does not use email. I have to set aside a chunk of time to sit down with a tape recorder, which is inconvenient and time consuming, but until he catches up to the 20th century, at least, Ill continue. Thankfully, most of my friends enjoy email. In fact, one, who lives in England, refuses to read my blog, because she prefers the more personal correspondence of an email addressed just to her. Imagine somebody saying they think email is more personal. My, how the world has changed.

The best thing about email is that it can be much longer than 144 characters. Its annoying to have to condense what I have to say for those who use their phones for texting, so if I want to say something in more than a handful of words, Ill text, Check your email.


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