The sun was out today, in more ways than one! Prayers were answered that I hadnt thought to pray. I had been stressing about how to get out and buy a gift and a birthday card for my son, whose birthday will be Monday. When I awoke this morning, I thought about how people are always saying something to me like, Maybe somebody can take you, or get somebody to do this or that for you. I always wonder who they think that somebody is. Where was that somebody today, when I needed to run some very important errands. Would it be friend Bonnie? No, shes having surgery on Monday. How about friend Dorothy? No, shes moving today. What about Helen? No, she helped me yesterday. I dont want to wear out her friendship. Could I pay friend Janet, who could use the money? Im sick of having to pay people to take me places. Like Scarlet, I decided to put off worrying about it and went about my morning as if all I had to do was laundry, exercises, and checking email.

Then, the phone rang, and it was friend Linda, who with her husband, wanted to know if I wanted to go out for lunch? Could they be that mysterious somebody? Why yes, as it happened, they surely were. We went to the restaurant where I had been wishing I could get to, so I could purchase a gift card for Steve. Gift cards these days are the safest gift to give my son. Then, they did what every blind person on her own wishes for. They offered to take me on any errand I needed to do. So after we finished our leisurely lunch, off we went to buy a birthday card and a bottle of vanilla, which I had discovered I needed for a dish Im making for Easter brunch tomorrow. What a blessing. It truly was a silent prayer answered. But wait, the sun continued to shine on this day.

Late this afternoon, another friend called and asked if I would be willing to go out for dinner with her. She has been working for the past week on an unpleasant task and needed to relax with a friend. Im honored that she thought of me and doesnt mind having to drive over to get me. The sun kissed my cheeks today, and so did the Son. S O N. He not only sent help, but He also knew I was in need of reassurance that I do have friends who value my friendship, and thats the best blessing of all.


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