Stage Time

Did you know that the number 1 fear for most people is public speaking? The second greatest fear is death. In other words, most people would rather be in the coffin than giving the eulogy. Not me. I love public speaking.

Monday night, I had the opportunity to give a presentation to the Gahanna Lions Club. I say opportunity, because I welcome any stage time, so I can practice the speech I will deliver at the Toastmasters Spring Conference contest on April 20. Its the same speech that won on the club level, the area level, and the division level. On April 20, well see if it wins the district level. This contest will be particularly fun, because 2 of my friends will be competing against me, so no matter who wins, Ill be happy, so long as the 3 of us are at the top. One of them is my webmaster, and the other is a friend from my bike club.

The speech I gave Monday night included a little about Toastmasters, and how I got to the point of competing on the district level. I had 15 copies of a handout, Tips for Public speaking, taken from the Toastmasters website

and I noticed that only 8 were taken, but everybody took one of my business cards, which features a picture of me on a climbing wall and the title, Take Your Event to NewHeights.

I encouraged everybody to spread the word that I love doing speeches for free for service clubs and church groups. Stage time is extremely important for a speaker who is growing her business.

My speech is titled RSVP, and the message is to recognize your passion and to find a way to pursue it, even though the distractions of life get in the way. I use the example of how I rediscovered my passion for dancing and then found a way for a totally blind person to pursue her passion for dance. But the speech is not about dancing at all. Its about my passion for public speaking. If Im going to realize my dream of getting paid to speak, Id better get over being shy about it. If youre not familiar with my website

heres an invitation to come and meet just the speaker youve been looking for.


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