Spring Forward

Did you get tripped up by the change to daylight savings time? I did, not only once, but twice. I kept reminding myself all day on Saturday to set my clocks ahead, and sure enough, I went to bed without doing so. Sunday morning, when I woke up, I turned on the radio for one of my favorite NPR shows, Selected Shorts, which starts at 7:00. But it wasnt on! Thats because it was 8:00, and the show was over. Darn. I had also planned to walk to church, since it was so nice, but because I was already an hour behind myself, I didnt have time.

Then on Monday, I had planned to cook a pork roast in the crock pot, but by the time I got myself together, it was too late to get it done in time for dinner for my friend. This spring forward jazz has always been a nuisance. When I had to get up an hour earlier to go to work, it took at least a week for my body to catch on. Now that Im retired, I go ahead and sleep and then run like mad to catch up. Is that what they mean by spring forward? Its a mental picture of all the people who werent smart enough to set their clocks ahead, sprinting to catch up with the rest of the world.


1 thought on “Spring Forward

  1. I know how you feel! We just returned from Arizona, so we had to spring 3 hours forward the night we returned!

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