On the Mend, Maybe

First, I apologize for being silent for the past week. It seems that trying to heal from spine surgery has taken my full attention and much of my energy. Yesterday, I was hopeful that I might have turned a corner toward recovery. I found myself accidentally bending over, but with no apparent consequences. A good sign, I thought. I had been warned by the nurse practitioner before the surgery not to bend over and not to go up and down stairs. I religiously tried to obey her instructions, except for the stairs part. Its impossible to go anywhere in my house without doing stairs, but I did try to minimize the number of trips, trying to think of everything I needed to do or take to the other level before each trip up or down. Still, the progress has been depressingly slow.

Today, however, my sweettooth yearnings for oatmeal cookies drove me to test the suspicion that I was on the mend. I thought I was prudent in performing this previously simple task in stages. The night before, I found the recipe, sometimes the most time consuming part of the process. First thing this morning, I got out the butter to soften in the bowl. Hours later, I prepared the dough, but in spite of my calculated and measured efforts, by then, my back felt like it had been broken. I took a break for lunch and resumed the process by baking only 2 dozen of the cookies, putting the rest of the dough in the fridge for tomorrow. I was beginning to wish that I had not promised my mother that I would be coming over to play Scrabble with her tonight. Was I carrying this dedicated daughter thing a bit too far? I packed up all the supplies I would be taking to her, clean laundry, her favorite goodies from the grocery, and home made cookies, and prayed Id get a driver who wouldnt mind lifting the suitcase into the van for me. Fortunately, that prayer was answered. However, when we drove through the parking lot, and we hit some huge potholes, again, my back protested, and I worried that maybe it was wishful thinking that I was on the mend. I see the surgeon on Tuesday, and Ill find out then if this is normal or something is terribly wrong. Stay tuned for the next episode.


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