Ski for Light part 4

If this years Ski for Light event is like most of those in previous years, tonights aprez-ski entertainment will be a talent show. Dont groan. Its one of the many happy surprises we uncover during this magical week.

who does that beautiful soprano voice belong to? When I met her out on the trail yesterday, she seemed so shy and quiet, and now heres this big sound that so confidently fills the room. Whos that playing Chopin on the piano? Seriously? You mean that tall man who introduced himself as an attorney? Can attorneys have such an emotional and tender side? The truth is that when we offer an opportunity for folks to let their hidden talents shine, we open another avenue for enriching our lives. Because we dont go around bragging about this talent or that, our acquaintances know us only by what is evident in a casual conversational exchange. When the empty stage is presented, its an invitation to share a gift. Sometimes, in lifes other settings, the stage is already cluttered with the same people who have starred there before, week after week, or year after year. We often take the path of least resistance, that is, what we know, and ask the same old person, time after time, to MC a program, chair a committee, be the spokesperson, lead the singing, or otherwise occupy the spotlight. Sometimes, we need to step back and invite someone unknown to take the stage. The result can be startling. In other words, it can be a who knew? moment. To all the new Ski for Light performers tonight, I say Break a leg, only not really. Youll need it for skiing tomorrow.


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