House Arrest

Youll need to take it easy for a while, the nurse said as I checked out of the hospital. How many times have I wished that my doctor had ordered that for me? Not once after all the surgeries Ive had, a thyroidectomy, appendectomy, and 2 C-sections did anybody say I should take it easy. When was I ever going to have a good excuse for lying around the house? Apparently, the time has arrived. When I called my surgeons office today to question why my pain hadnt subsided after 7 days following surgery, I was reminded that I need to take it easy for a while. I guess they really mean it this time.

When I went to a class for spine surgery patients on the Sunday before my surgery, they talked about walking 3 times a day, but not to go up and down stairs. When I think of taking a short walk, I think of walking to the end of the block or maybe around the block, but I learned yesterday that they meant walk around the house. I guess I should have clarified the definition of taking a walk. Avoiding stairs in my house is practically impossible, as the bathroom and the kitchen are on 2 different levels. You really cant go anywhere in my house without doing steps. I would go stark raving mad if it werent for the pain meds I take all day. There is a brief time between extreme pain and dozing that I answer emails and do a little writing. I suspect that in time, the pain will decrease, and my frustration in not being allowed to resume my active life style will increase. In the meantime, Ive created a to do list for myself.

I have hundreds of music cds that I havent taken the time to just sit and listen to. Now is the time. I have a rough draft of an article I want to submit to the toastmaster Magazine, and now is the time to polish it up and get it sent. I want to compete in the next speech contest, so now would be a good time to concentrate on that. See? There are lots of things I can do from a sitting position. I just have to hurry and get them done before my next nap.


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