Time Off for Surgery

Ill be taking a little leave of absence from the blogging community, so this will be my last post for as long as my daughter can keep me from running around and getting myself into trouble. I’m scheduled for spine surgery, on Wednesday, and since Ive never done this before, Im not quite sure what to expect. I have one friend who had this procedure done in the morning and walked out of the hospital that afternoon. She immediately resumed her everyday activities. Im going to use her as my role model, but just to be on the safe side, dont be alarmed if you dont hear from me on Wednesday. On the other hand, I might be writing on Wednesday after all, because the certainty of the surgery is still up in the air, if you can believe that. The authorization from my health insurance company is still pending. If they cant give me the authorization by tomorrow, Im going to have to call the whole thing off. Im trying not to have a meltdown over this.


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