So Close to the Finish

As I approach the finish line on my race to fix my sciatica, the frustration factor continues to dog my every step. I saw the surgeon yesterday, and today I made arrangements to go get my pre-surgery testing done. My daughter is looking into airfares and flights, so she can come and help. Surgery has been scheduled, and all systems are go. Only maybe not. The office manager of the surgeon called and said, Are you aware that your primary care physician is supposed to make a referral to our office in order for your insurance to pay for your surgery? Yes, not only was I aware of that, but I was also told that the referral had been made. Apparently, not so. This is not the first time the insurance referral was lost in the shuffle. Earlier in my quest for a solution to the sciatic nerve problem, I reported to the orthopedic specialist, signed in, filled out all the paperwork, and then was told I wouldnt be able to see the doctor, because the referral had not been made. There is a distinct possibility that I will have gone through all the pre-surgery procedures, only to have to start over again with another surgeon, just because my PCPs office couldnt get their act together. In the current vernacular, I am so done with that PCP. Its not enough to be in pain. Its not enough to worry about things going wrong during surgery. Its not enough to fear that the surgery wont fix the problem. I have to fight off incompetence so I can finally reach that finish line. Wait. Is that cheering I hear? Just one more bend in the road, and I hope to be home free.


3 thoughts on “So Close to the Finish

  1. Yeah, it’s bunk! But, calm yourself or else you’re going to need a cardiac guy (or gal) as well. I’ll just say once again – trouble comes to pass, it doesn’t come to stay.

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