Tests of 2012

As midnight approaches, and glasses are raised to toast the new year, Ill be in bed with a heating pad, trying to sooth the persistent ache in my shoulder, an ice pack to take the edge off the raging sciatic pain, and pain meds racing through my veins to aid in these efforts.

This past year has been eventful in my ordinarily ordinary life. On the plus side, in January, I had 10 days of pure joy and relaxation on a cruise with my daughter and her family. In October, I went on my annual Hen Hike,renewing friendships with 9 remarkable women, putting aside the troubles of my life at home. Its a horrific year for people all over the world, so my problems are so puny in comparison. Still, they are mine, and this blog is all about me after all, so I really have to count the blog on the plus side of the ledger. It has given me something constructive to do, other than running around from one doctor to another and running back and forth to my mothers assisted living facility and solving her crises.

It has been a year of learning and discovery, learning what its like to be old in a 96-year old body that is failing, and discovering some truths about my mother. Its been a year of disappointment, having to give up dancing because of my own bodys failure, and to give up long walks because of my aging dogs decline. Its been a year of frustration, as I tried one treatment after another in search of a cure for sciatica.

Although for most of the year, I was swimming upstream, constantly struggling against the current, there were just enough shiny reflections in the water to assure me that there were indeed still stars in the sky. A new bike captain appeared out of nowhere, and another one surfaced after many years absence. My best friend from high school initiated a reconnect. My daughter and son were there for me during the most difficult challenge Ive ever faced, moving my mother into assisted living. My daughter made me weep with pride as she flawlessly performed a flute solo for the mother/daughter brunch at church. I guess Id have to put my emergency appendectomy on the plus side of the ledger too. Why? Well, Im here to tell about it, right? Okay, now thats a reach for good things to say about 2012.

I have some very positive things to say about 2013. I am one of those goofy people who make resolutions for the new year, but mostly they are goals. Im always astonished when I read the ones I made the previous year, because some of them are the same old ones, and some of them, Ive actually accomplished! The first item on my 2013 agenda is to have surgery on my spine, so I can get my active lifestyle back. Next, Ill be returning to The Seeing Eye to get a new guide dog, so I can resume my daily brisk walks and return to getting around town independently.

The other items on my list are a little too personal to share here, but I believe that what I learned in 2012 has prepared me for a better 2013. I believe that my life has been a series of tests. Some Ive passed with flying colors, and some others, not so much. The test of 2012 was to get through it. I look forward to raising my glass tomorrow in a salute to the new year, and Ill thank God 2012 is over.


3 thoughts on “Tests of 2012

  1. Happy and Healthy 2013. I will keep you in my prayers knowing with God all things will go well for my friend. I am so glad that you have a blog so that I can reconnect with you.
    Thank you

  2. Mary, your positive forward thinking attitude is, from a mental health vantage point, most healthy…but the overall journey is more exhausting than we would like to endure at this stage of life. I can cite several qualities you’re learned from your life that have prepared you for this trying time which makes me very confident of your success. May your New Year be filled with many blessings.

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