Ban Phone Calls While Baking

I was baking oatmeal cookies when my friend Deb called me. Just then the timer went

off, and it was time to take them out of the oven. Because I was talking on the phone,

my mind wasnt completely on the task at hand, which cost me 16 cookies. Good thing I wasnt driving.

Ive only recently started using parchment paper for baking cookies, (and Ill never bake cookies without it again) so I forgot that there was parchment paper on the cookie sheet,

so when I yanked the sheet out of the oven, the paper went flying and so did the

cookies, mostly on the floor, but some in the oven. Fortunately, I had just let Pippen

outside, so I didnt have to fight her for the ones on the floor. But what to do about the ones in the oven. I couldnt very well reach in there and feel around for them. I immediately turned

off the oven and partially opened the oven door. After letting the oven cool down, and scraping cookies off the inside of the oven door and the bottom of the oven, I finished

the baking. They are very tasty, but they flattened out too much and kind of joined

each other. But Mom will love them, and people at church will eat them, because people

at church eat anything home made. Baking at my house is always an adventure.


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