Beat Michigan!

As I write this post, I think of all the people in Buckeye Country who are planning their Beat Michigan festivities. Once upon a time, I was doing the same thing, not that I was the least bit interested in the football game. It was the Beat Michigan party, an annual event, held at our friends home, which featured lots of snacks, drinks, and a lovely spread of food and desserts immediately following the game. Oh yes, and I guess there were those who actually watched the game on TV.

During the years we had the most fun at these parties, I belonged to an amateur singing group called The Singing Moms. Within that group was a smaller group of gals who choreographed dance routines to some of the songs we did. Since most of us dancers had no interest in football, and didnt want to bother the people who were watching the game, wed slip off to another room in the house and practice our routines. The TV watchers would come up for air, and more drinks and snacks, during halftime, which was almost as good as the ending of the game.

While the food was being set out, one of our guys, who was the most ardent fan Ive ever met, would run out to the back yard and jump into the pond, no matter how cold it was, and no matter whether we won or lost. His name was orlis King, and he was well known at the OSU stadium for his dancing in the stands. He even got to dot the I in Script Ohio one year. He did the pond-diving thing for years, until he got old enough to realize that it wasnt making his heart very happy.

After dinner was served, and we still had energy, wed all troop to the basement to play pool, drink, and dance! That was the best part of the day, the dancing. Orlis was a very good dancer, and he and I spent many happy hours showing off for our friends. I dont know if theyre still having those parties, but after Orlis died, they werent nearly as much fun. Nobody in our age group could eat or drink the way we did, but we might be able to have just as much fun. All we need is food, friends, and a time-honored football game.


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