Football Fever

I am so not into football, but I wish I were. People who watch football games on TV gather with friends and neighbors in warm cozy family rooms. They eat chips and dip, nachos, little meatballs, and yummy tidbits on toothpicks. They drink cold beer or hot cider. They wear fun outfits that feature brilliant shades of scarlet and grey. They cheer, yell at the TV, get excited about scores and passes and touchdowns, escaping from real world concerns for the duration of a football game.

The first college football game I attended was in my freshman year at OhioState. While my mother and I were decorating my room, on moving day, and hanging up my skirts and blouses, my dad was down at the stadium buying me a season pass for the grand sum of $12. Wanting to fit in, on that first game day, I put on my suit and high heels and clopped down the sidewalk with other girls in my dorm to the stadium, which, by the way, back in those days was not called the shoe. My ticket was for a seat stuck in the middle of a bunch of old men, so after sitting through the first half without a clue about what was happening on the field, and after the half time show, I clopped back to the dorm, feeling I had done my duty and not wasted my dads money. The next game I went to was with a man I dated a couple of times from PennState. We sat on the PennState side, which felt very weird. It was 25 years before I went to another game. It was the home-coming game, and the alumni band performed. Thats the only reason I suffered through the first half. My husband quipped that it looked like I would be going to an OSU game every 25 years. I havent been back in 25 years, so its probably time for me to go again. If I were to do that, Id want to arrive early for the pre-game practice for the Best Damn Band in the Land, partake of the tail gate festivities, and then go home and have chips and dip in front of the TV, where its warm and dry. After calling out O H, I O! a few times, and getting choked up when the band plays Carmen Ohio, Id be ready to curl up with a good book.


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