Voting Early

Vote early and often. Ha ha ha. That used to be the big joke about this time of year. Not so these days, at least not the vote early part. For those of you who like to send me articles about the candidates, I voted yesterday. For those of you who are calling me to find out how I’m going to vote, I’ve already done it. For you tv stations, too late. I voted already.

I love going to my local polls to vote, especially now that there are audible voting machines. Gone are the days when I had to have two extra people in the voting booth with me, one Republican and one Democrat. It got a little crowded in there, with my Seeing Eye dog too, to say nothing of the lack of privacy. Gone are the days when I had to have a trusted friend or relative read the ballot to me and mark it for me. I just put on a pair of headphones and listen to a very pleasant female voice read the names of each candidate in each race, and I press a diamond-shaped button to select my choice. Then I press the triangular-shape button to arrow down to the next candidate, race, or issue. It takes longer for me to vote than my sighted friends, because I can’t skim the ballot for just the races I want to vote in, so I’m not limited to 5 minutes in front of the machine. In addition to the exhilarating sense of independence I feel at my voting place, I enjoy chatting with neighbors and friends I haven’t seen in years.

When I went to vote yesterday in what was previously a department store, there wasn’t the intimate feeling of gathering with neighbors, but because the workers were well prepared and knowledgeable about the audible machine, it was a smooth and efficient experience. It was okay with me to trade the small town atmosphere for getting the job done.

I’m wearing my I voted button everywhere. I wish everybody in Ohio could vote early, so the advertisements would cease, the robo calls would be silenced, and the candidates would leave us alone.


1 thought on “Voting Early

  1. I agree with you completely about airing all those ads. They are disgusting and the money for them could be elsewhere.

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