The Chocolate Binge

Okay. I admit it. I fell right into the marketing plan. They don’t sell Halloween candy a month early so people can be prepared. They sell it now so you’ll see it there on the counter and eat it yourself. Then you have to go back and buy more for the kids. It doesn’t take a degree in economics to figure that out. Maybe it’s not true, but it works for me.

I bought a big bag of a variety of tiny candy bars ostensibly to donate to my church’s fall festival, which will be held on September 29. They need donations of candy for part of the festivities. But to be honest, I knew in my heart that I wasn’t going to donate it to the festival. I had been craving those little candy bars for days. I was safe from betraying myself, because I had nobody to take me to the grocery. Then Jeanine, my friend from church called me yesterday and, all on her own, invited me to go with her to the grocery! This is a red letter day, as anyone who is blind can tell you. When somebody actually offers to take you shopping, without being asked to do so, it’s cause for celebration! So, it’s really Jeanine’s fault. Just kidding Jeanine. Late last night, Pippen and I shared our usual snack of sun chips and a diet Pepsi, but I kept thinking about that big bag of candy. Like an alcoholic, drawn to the booze cabinet, I was pulled into the kitchen by that big chocolate magnet. Just one, I told myself as I ripped open the bag. Who did I think I was kidding? Just one Snickers, just one Twix, just one Milky Way, just one Butterfinger, just one Baby Ruth. Oh my Goodness, how satisfying was that Baby Ruth. I hadn’t had one since I was a kid, or was it last Halloween? Anyway, I’ll never forget one road trip my mom and dad and I took, when we stopped for gas and a snack, and my dad bought me the biggest Baby ruth I had ever seen. It was a super-sized candy bar, and it kept me occupied for miles and miles. Of course back in the 50s, we didnt know that word, super-sized. So there I was last night, in chocolate and sugar bliss. No, Pippen didn’t get a single bite, but she knows better than to beg for candy, because that’s where I do draw the line. What’s even worse is that I bought a second bag to share with the ladies at my mothers lunch table at assisted living. Will I gobble my way through my bag and theirs too? I’ve got to get back to the store for another bag, but this time, I’ll stop at the church and drop it off. It’s the only way I can control this candy-eating binge. Don’t worry friends. I’ve got it under control. I’ve only had 3 candy bars today. I’ll try to do better after breakfast.


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