A Chocolate Mess in the Kitchen

Have you ever had a craving for a piece of cake, or a cookie, or maybe just anything chocolate? That happened to me today, so I pulled out a new recipe for chocolate cake cookies that looked easy to make.

It was indeed very easy, and that’s why it was so maddening to me that even with a simple recipe, I still made a big mess in the kitchen. Whenever I bake, I make a mess. It’s a fact of life. The good thing is that I clean up as I go. This recipe calls for a chocolate cake mix, so you’d think that just emptying the cake mix into the large bowl would be, well, a piece of cake. Wrong. Even though I was careful to make sure the opening of the package was aimed right into the bowl, I still managed to sprinkle some on the counter. Have you ever tried to wipe up spilled cake mix? Usually, my messes happen after I’ve added the liquid, like slopping the batter over the side of the cake pan, or pouring the cooked frosting over the sides of the pan instead of over the top of the cake, or being too enthusiastic about stirring the sauce and splattering it all over the stove. Then there’s always over-pouring the rice into the measuring cup and winding up with rice all over the floor. I remember the first thing I ever cooked for my fiancé was a can of Campbell’s chicken and noodle soup, and I spilled most of it on the counter. What a way to impress him with my culinary talents. I did the same thing when my daughter and her husband brought their first baby home from the hospital, and I was in charge of getting a meal together that night. I happily stirred together a mixture of cream of mushroom soup and some other stuff to make this delicious sauce for pork chops, and of course, I spilled some on the counter, and my son-in-law gasped. My daughter was used to observing such accidents and thought nothing of it, but seeing his reaction made me pause and slow down. Maybe his mom never spilled anything. Now here I am, years later, making the same messes. I realize now that my family never pointed out my spills and cooking disasters, and that’s a mistake a lot of sighted spouses make. They see the blind husband or wife trying to create something in the kitchen and going about it in a way that they would not use, or maybe it took longer than they thought it should. The next thing you know, the person who is blind quits trying, because she’s made another mess, or he missed a spot when he peeled the potatoes. Sometimes, it’s just easier to do it yourself seems to be the philosophy of the sighted on-looker. I’m grateful that my husband, my children, and my guests throughout the years have accepted my less than perfect methods of putting together a meal. Of course it was to their advantage to not find fault, but I’m still grateful anyway. It taught me that if they can forgive the mess, than so should I.

Want the recipe? Set the oven to 325. Mix together 2 eggs, ½ cup oil, 1 chocolate cake mix. Drop by teaspoonfuls onto parchment lined baking sheets. Bake about 18 minutes. Makes about 3 dozen. Note: Put all of the cake mix into the bowl, not on the counter.



1 thought on “A Chocolate Mess in the Kitchen

  1. Mary, my kitchen is always a mess when I cook, and I don’t have the excuse of low vision or blindness! Trying to become better organized and clean as I go. I enjoy reading your posts!

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